South Sea Pearl, Tahiti Pearl, Freshwater Pearl, Akoya Pearl Jewelry

Luna Piena 悅緣珍珠專門店

LUNA PIENA (悅緣珍珠) 為香港獨特的珍珠首飾店,專為顧客提供來自不同產地的珍珠首飾及飾品,包括淡水珍珠, 日本珍珠, 南洋珍珠以及大溪地珍珠等等。

[ 品質高,款式多, 價錢合理 ] 乃本店之最大賣點。我們希望能為顧客提供高品質與價錢合理的珍珠飾品作為日常配戴、送禮物及喜慶婚嫁之用途。

本店對於採用的珍珠原料有絕對嚴謹的要求,所有珍珠產地及品質都經過審慎驗證及篩選,加上品牌設計師的獨特概念, 每件LUNA PIENA 的珍珠飾品都是一次完美的呈現。

我們為顧客作信心保證, 本店的所有產品為:
* 100% 純天然養殖珍珠
* 優秀的材料品質及手工


Luna Piena is renowned for its sophisticated pearl jewellery. We carry a wide selection of jewellery with different variety of pearls, such as fresh water pearls, South Seas pearls, Tahitian pearls, as well as Akoya pearls.

We have a team of in-house expert jewellery designers and our own production line. A collection of over 500 unique designs is available in store to match each customer's style.

[ Excellent Quality, Plenty of Designs, Affordable Price ] is our mission. We want to be your first choice when you are looking for jewellery for yourself and for your loved ones, for everyday use and special occasions.

Luna Piena has strict quality control from the selection of raw materials to the finished products. It is guaranteed that each piece of our jewellery is nickel-free.

We ensure all of our products are:

* Made with 100% cultural pearls
* Excellent quality and precisely handcrafted

We proudly present our store to the world. You can always expect a pleasant and memorable experience at Luna Piena.